Miller Electric Spoolmate™ 100 Spool Gun (135 Amps)

Miller Electric

Reliable and economical direct connect Spoolmate™ 100 spool gun provides 12 ft of cable reach and accessibility. Provides smooth feeding of aluminum wire.



  • Spoolmate 100 Spool Gun
  • 12-ft (3.7 m) direct connect cable
  • Extra contact tips and nozzle
  • Carrying case

12-foot Direct Connect Cable
Heavy-duty strain relief provides extended reach and accessibility to your work.

Dual V-knurled Drive Rolls with Adjustable Tension
Provides consistent fedding of different types of wire.

Clear Spool Canister
Protects the wire and allows you to easily see the spool.

Light Industrial Gun
For use with 4043 Series aluminum wire rated at 135 amps at 30 percent duty cycle.

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