Steelmax High Speed Steel Annular Cutters

Steelmax Tools

Steelmax offers a full line of high-quality High Speed Steel (HSS) and Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) annular cutters for all of your hole-making needs. All Steelmax annular cutters have standard Weldon shanks.  As a result, Steelmax cutters will fit and improve the performance of any mag drill!

Annular cutters have many advantages over traditional twist drills:

  • Eliminates costly and time consuming step-drilling
  • Significantly less drilling time – 3-4 times faster than twist drills
  • Longer tool life – 5-10 times as many holes as a comparable twist drill bit
  • More accurate and higher quality holes – burr-free with no clean up
  • Easily drill on curved surfaces such as pipe or tubing
  • Create overlapping holes
  • Lower machine and horsepower requirements when compared to twist drills
  • Steelmax HSS cutters utilize an M2Al (aluminum additive) formulation
  • Steelmax High Performance Cutting Fluid should be used with all annular cutters for optimal cutting performance and to extend cutter life

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