Weldmark RC 250 Single Stage Medium Duty Oxygen Regulator


The Weldmark® by Victor RC 250 manufactured by IWDC is a medium duty, medium capacity, single stage, industrial regulator, designed to be used with oxygen. Best paired with industry types such as fabrication, and maintenance and repair, for application of welding, cutting, and heating. This 2 in diameter gauge is made with a brass body and bonnet, and neoprene diaphram. Connection details include 0.908 in female side port 540 CGA inlet, with NGO thread standard at 14 threads per inch, and 0.5625 in male 022 CGA outlet, with a right hand UNF standard thread at 18 threads per inch. The inlet pressure cylinder max is rated at 3000 psi, inlet pressure gauge max rated at 4000 psi, and inlet pressure max rated at 3000 psi. The outlet pressure min/max is rated at 5/125 psi, and outlet pressure gauge max is rated at 200 psi. Meets or exceeds UL Listed standards.

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